This wounded heart

I had a heart broken and shattered beyond repair

Wounded by sin and rebellion

And in complete despair.

There was no hope for this heart to mend

The only hope was that one-day, it would end

But then one day,

Darkness did not prevail

I saw my Savior and no longer a veil

For in the depths of my despair

I called to heaven, and my cry was heard there

A Savior. My King,

I knew my heart could mend

But in the place of healing

He did more than I could comprehend

A new heart He gave me

No longer one of stone

A new Spirit,

And now, I will never be alone.

For His presence ever before me

And His hand always my guide

A new life given,

I shall never be terrified.

For my King has won

My King has set me free

And in Him you too can have victory!


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