Time of Worship

Oh what a place of worship

Such a time could never be artificially created

Such a place never reached by one’s own deprivation or decent into humility

For as low as I desire to go, my Spirit would never permit me

This plunge.

Not willingly,

Not without some intrusion of my own ego or fleshy heart

But here I am now,

Where only you can bring me

Where all I can cling to fades away

Where everything that often tempts me seems

As it is



So in this place,

I praise you

I choose to praise you Lord

Because in this momentary affliction

You are so much greater

So much greater than my doubts

So much stronger than any fear

And so much more than any storm

For in the chaos

You are still

You are God

And you will not be moved


Here I am,

By your design

And as I choose to trust

Grief is not erased

But embraced

And aspects of you which before were veiled are now so new.

Refreshed by a tenderness I can only here know

The pain of this place

Makes it difficult to remain

But your comfort also makes me linger for more of you

So thank you for this

For this moment of wounding

That you may heal me more than I can comprehend

That I may know you

More deeply

More fully.


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