The guise of freedom (a poem)


There is a freedom all have fallen in slavery to.

A false creation in rejection of the only Creator.

This lure is real,

and it entices the strongest and weakest of humanity.

No culture is immune

No creature spared.

For we all fall to the lie that we are sufficient and able,

that our reasoning is sound and we are just in all we do.


Inch by inch,

moment by moment,

we fail to realize the darkness and heaviness that sets in

as we follow our own devices.

Led by lust,

led by the flesh,

and ever so gently lead by a great deceiver.

Once clouded in darkness and shrouded by the lies we have chosen to believe

we reach out for a hand

and ready, is the one who encouraged us here.


Oh friend, it is not our Creator whose hand we find so quickly,

for we rejected Him from the beginning

For it is our foe

and the one who seeks to destroy us

his hands ready and eager to tear and ensnare us further.


Oh but helpless one…

Be still and listen

Be silent and hear the One calling.

It is Him.

The one we walked away from so long ago

Do you hear His call?

Do you hear how He knows your very name?

From the moment you chose your own path His voice became whisper

and only more obscure

When you lashed out in anger because He had forgotten you

He was there

When you mocked and ridiculed Him and His bride

He was there

When you began to realize that you were alone and helpless

He was there

He was there

and there

He is still

Calling you

Waiting for you

Longing for you

But never so demanding and controlling so as to make you His by force

His sacrifice and suffering for you so real

His love and desire for you

furious and passionate

But so tender and wonderful is He that He waits and calls

and desires that you choose Him,

to fully behold His beauty which will only more and more fulfill and sustain you.


Oh child,

you no longer need to be an orphan groping in the darkness

There are snakes and wild beasts there and they surely will devour you if you remain.

Follow His voice

I assure you, as you step out from the darkness

He will run for you and embrace you

His love for you is great and once you are His,

His arms will never let you go.